Pest Control Crew Member

Job Summary

Responsible for identifying, selecting, mixing, and applying chemical or manual solutions to get rid of pests. Identifies pest problem and appropriate solution, applies chemical or trap, and removes dead rodents.

Primary responsibilities

      • Spray chemical solutions, powders, and gases on or near surfaces of a building or house to eliminate pests.
      • Identify invading pests, including rats, termites, snakes, wildlife, wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitos, or bed bugs.
      • Set mechanical traps and place bait.
      • Remove dead rodents after extermination.
      • Identify damage to property.
      • Inspect property to ascertain wall and roof porosity and possible sites of pest invasion.
      • Access infested locations.
      • Cut or bore into buildings to access infested areas.
      • Clean and remove pesticides after application.
      • Study preliminary reports and diagrams of infested area and determine treatment type required to eliminate and prevent recurrence of infestation.
      • Measure area dimensions requiring treatment.
      • Clean and remove blockages to facilitate application.
      • Position and fasten edges of tarpaulins over building and tape vents to ensure air-tight environment and check for leaks.
      • Manage workers involved in application.
      • Check for possible leaks or exposure.
      • Ability to work at higher elevations
      • Utilize appropriate protective gear and equipment during application.
      • Power-spray chemicals onto surfaces.
      • Installing application systems
      • Working as a team
      • In-depth problem-solving
      • Ability to provide in-depth information to customer, property management and public officials