Why Bed Bug Assurance?

Bed Bugs are one of the most troubling pests in West Texas. They can be difficult to diagnose and remove, often moving to a new destination after a single treatment.

As more people move out West and continue to travel, Lubbock homeowners will continue to experience infestations. Bug Tech has already experienced a steady growth of bed bug activity in Lubbock for the last 5 years.

To eliminate bed bugs long term, requires early detection, ongoing monitoring and swift treatment.

A Warranty Program Against Outbreak

Our Bed Bug Assurance Program prevents frustration and added costs of maintaining a bed bug free home. To qualify for our assurance program, your home must currently be pest free and will be inspected by our team upon sign up. Review our bed bug treatment services if you are currently facing an outbreak.

Ideal for Homeowners & Renters:

  • With neighbors or other tenants in close proximity facing bed bug problems
  • Recently bed bug free, with a desire to avoid expensive heat treatments

Once you achieve freedom from bed bugs, take advantage of our assurance program and receive guaranteed elimination.

 Bug Tech Service

  • Bug Tech installs two monitoring devices per sleeping area
  • Bug Tech changes lures & checks devices every quarter during General Pest Control Services
  • New monitoring devices installed at contract renewal, once a year

 Self Service

  • Bug Tech installs two monitoring devices per sleeping area
  • Bug Tech delivers lures once a quarter – it is your responsibility to change lure & monitoring devices
  • New monitoring devices installed at contract renewal, once per year

Finer Details & Pricing

If bed bug activity is detected during the assurance program, Bug Tech will guarantee elimination without any additional costs. If the contract is canceled or not renewed, both the elimination and assurance programs will become void.

Pricing is dependent on the number of rooms and whether a homeowner has general pest control. Contact us for more specific pricing and continue to sleep at night, knowing your home will remain bed bug free!