Heat Treatment for Homeowners & Landlords/Business Owners

Bug Tech is one of the few pest control companies in Lubbock to offer whole-house heat treatment as an effective solution against bed bugs. How effective is it? 95 – 100% for most homes!

Bug Tech utilizes our specialized heat system that gets hotter than competitors and requires less time to eliminate bed bugs. RX Heat is a propane driven heater, truck mounted and powered that is capable of producing heat up to 180 degrees at the hose and 160 degrees in ambient air temperature. This ensures the maximum number of bed bugs are exposed.

Choose Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

If Bed Bug Elimination at your residence can’t be guaranteed, the alternative is heat treatment or ongoing Bed Bug Management. Heat treat is typically a final solution, more expensive than our monitoring and treatment process.

However, heat treat is also environmentally-friendly and eliminates the use of chemicals. If you want a fast and chemical free solution to bed bugs, choose heat treatment.

Heat treatment can be used for any building: apartment complexes, multi-story office space, hotels, dorm buildings and homes too. If there is an infestation in room 572 of a hotel, we will heat room 571 and 573 as well as 572. If there is a multi floor building that must be treated with heat, we have a two-hose system and can split the two hoses to allow for a controlled heat. Cost largely depends on square footage, so call us for a free inspection of your property.

Heat Treatment Process

Due to the extreme heat experienced for four hours, we work with all customers to schedule heat treatment when you’re not home and prepared in advance.

BT-Heat-TrailerOnce a date is set, a few days prior to treatment we will meet to review our contract. The contract requires that you remove any items that may be destroyed by the heat, possibly exploding due to high temperatures. We will always provide a lengthy list of examples, but it’s ultimately your responsibly to ensure removal.

On the day of the treatment, we will arrive several hours before heating, to install encasements on the beds and box springs as well as blackouts on each sleeping area. These steps prevent the bed bugs from migrating during heating.

Once the equipment is in place, we begin pumping heat into the house. As the house heats up, our team will constantly take temperatures in each room. We will also go through the house throughout treatment to flip furniture and open drawers in order to increase the surface area that is being exposed to heat.

Mobile Heat Treatment

Bug Tech even offers the heat treatment of furniture infected with bed bugs. It works the same as our whole house treatment, but on a much smaller scale at a smaller price.

We are the only company in Lubbock to provide this service and it’s mobile! We can drive to your home or office and heat treat any item that will fit in our outfitted truck.

For no extra charge, we can also pick up the furniture ourselves and take it to our larger heat chamber that gets to a toasty 160 degrees for 2 – 4 hours.

The next time you buy a piece of furniture from a garage sale or consignment shop, get our mobile heat treatment before even bringing it into your home. Whether you buy a used couch, mattress, or even a nice wooden dresser, take the necessary steps to keep your family and home safe from bed bugs.