Ongoing Bed Bug Pest Control

There are rare cases when Bug Tech cannot guarantee the prevention of an outbreak in our Bed Bug Elimination program.

Bed Bug Management is for extremely high-level infestations. These commonly occur in multi-dwelling housing such as apartments, townhomes, hotels and university dorms. Learn more about our commercial pest control services.

Several factors could lead to this plan as a better option:

  • Late detection: Bug Tech is called long after bed bugs begin to infect a building and the infestation is too severe to be eliminated in 130 days
  • Cooperation: For bed bugs to be eliminated, full cooperation is typically needed from all residents. Although bed bugs are invasive, the most effective pest management is also invasive and involves monitoring devices and encasement of beds.
  • Budget: Heat treatments are very effective, but costly. Active bed bug treatment can be more economical, but take longer to eradicate infestations.
  • Viral: If bed bugs aren’t treated at the source, they easily spread to nearby furniture, other rooms and floors. Large buildings are more difficult to eradicate, especially when an outbreak is throughout a building.

Unlike our elimination program, Bed Bug Management carries no guarantee or warranty.

Our licensed team of pest professionals will focus on intense chemical treatment every few weeks, for as long as needed. The population of bed bugs will decrease after each treatment, but ongoing treatment will be necessary.