Bed Bug Elimination Plan

To eliminate bed bugs, Bug Tech follows an intense, seven step process that has been tested time and time again. Our unique approach to elimination has helped thousands of homeowners become bed bug free!

  • #1 Initial Free Inspection
  • #2 Verification & Estimate
  • #3 Initial Treatment
  • #4 Checkup
  • #5 No Bugs, No Bites
  • #6 Declare Elimination
  • #7 90-Day Service Guarantee
Bed Bug Treatment
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Bed Bug Inspections

Bug Tech first conducts a full and free inspection of the infected home, office, apartment or other building. We are looking for square footage and linear footage, furniture count, possible entry points and areas for escalation. All of these factors will help determine a personalized elimination plan, timeline and cost.

Following an inspection, we verify the type of bed bugs, maturation phase (adults, nymphs, egg larva) and the number. From there we are able to assign a level of infestation.

Infestation Levels

  • Low Infestation: 1-20 live bugs
  • Moderate Infestation: 20-99 live bugs
  • High Infestation: 100+ live bugs.

The level of infestation is a primary factor in the cost of treatment and recommended approach.

Intensive Initial Treatment

Bug Tech’s certified pest team will install encasements on all of the box springs and mattresses, starving the bed bugs trapped inside. Blackout interceptors are also installed under all of the leg supports for each sleeping area. We designate a sleeping area as a place where people spend 2+ hours a day – bed, couch, recliner, loveseat, etc.

The Blackouts serve a dual purpose and act as both a monitor and an interceptor at the same time. The interceptor works like a roach motel, physically preventing bed bugs from escape. It also allows our team to monitor the infestation level over a period of time.

Bug Tech then conducts extensive chemical treatment. We apply insecticidal dust to the electrical outlets, execute our crack and crevice treatment, and apply liquid chemical treatment.

After a first treatment, checkups are scheduled two weeks apart. If there is evidence of live bed bugs or eggs, treatment will begin again. Two weeks later will involve anther checkup. This process continues every two weeks until we are confident there are no live bugs and no more bites.

No Bugs, No Bites

Once No Bugs, No Bites is achieved, there is a 45-day grace period which provides free treatment in case of a bounce-back.

Bounce backs typically occur because bed bugs are incredibly difficult to eliminate. Eggs are laid in hard-to-reach and hidden areas. Even after an infestation is treated, hidden eggs could hatch and the population can spike within 45 days. If this occurs, Bug Tech will start the two-week process of treatment and checkups until No Bugs, No Bites is again achieved.

Bed Bug Elimination

After 45 days, our team typically declares elimination. There are severe cases where heat treatment is required, or ongoing bed bug monitoring.

After elimination, we go a step further than other pest control companies with our 90-day warranty. If you see a bed bug or signs of bed bugs during this 90-day period, Bug Tech will come back and deliver a free treatment. After we complete the final 90-day period with No Bugs, No Bites, you will be declared Bed Bug Free and your contract will come to an end.

If an elimination plan sounds too comprehensive, Bug Tech also offers shorter versions for those homeowners limited by budget. Talk to your technician about our 2 step and 3 step plan which simply limits the number of checkups to 1 and 2. Although these plans are cheaper, there is no 45-day or 90-day warranty guarantee.