About German Cockroaches

German roaches, found pretty much everywhere in the US, are the most difficult roach species to eliminate.

German roaches are smaller than other roach species in West Texas. Adult German roaches are about ½ inch to 5/8-inch long. Their small size allows their flat bodies to hide in even more places. They are known to bite sleeping pets and humans. German roaches’ ability to move quickly and reproduce rapidly makes them a difficult pest to exterminate.

Unlike other species, German roaches carry egg casings, called oothecal, on their back, until offspring are ready to hatch. Combined with a short lifecycle of 36 days, eggs quickly become nymphs, then adults, and before long an entire herd of 30 has appeared.

This cockroach species has also adapted to the indoors. Chances are the German roaches in your building came from a close neighbor or were transported in luggage or used furniture and appliances. They are one of the most common types of roaches in Lubbock and are a greater nuisance to restaurants and commercial kitchens.

German Roach Treatment

The Initial Assessment

Bug Tech offers comprehensive treatment for German roaches. We start with accurate identification of the species, infestation level and problem areas – in the pantry, behind appliances, etc. This process is part of our free inspection.

Our team may also require a few behavior changes, such as properly sealing food and removing clutter and other portable hiding areas. A leaky appliance in a kitchen infested with German Roaches sometimes needs to be replaced.

Treatment Application

Next, our team deploys a variety of chemical and mechanical pest solutions: bait stations, glue boards, liquid residual, dust chemicals in electrical outlets and light sockets and caulking in cracks and crevices to prevent the colony from moving to a new hiding area, as well as reentry once the infestation has been cleared.

Insect Growth Regulators

Bug Tech also sets IGRS or insect growth regulators (the next generation of pest control) throughout a customer’s home, apartment or business. We use the biology of the insect against itself with an IGR, preventing the development of nymphs into adults and more eggs by damaging the molting process

Multiple visits by our team is typical when dealing with German roaches, we will schedule appointments weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the severity of the infestation. We won’t stop coming until they do!