Mice and rats are nuisance pests that can carry a host of disease. Even spotting one rodent is enough to call Bug Tech.

Our services are much more comprehensive than DIY sprays and options available at home improvement stores. They also aren’t as harmful to children and pets in the home. Unlike a cat, we use treatment that humanely kills rodents on contact and is out of sight, out of mind.

Rodent Extermination Process

Our certified pest control technicians follow a strict protocol when dealing with a mice or rat infestation. Our process is simple and streamlined, and requires little to no work for you:

  • We start with rodenticides. We leave rodent bait inside of bait stations and corner baiters.
  • We then set up tin cats, which are metal boxes with glue boards inside.
  • Using integrated pest management (IPM), we rely on methods other than chemical applications and baiting. IPM is used to seal entry from more rodents entering your home. Our team pays special attention to the roof, attic and crawl spaces below.
  • We deploy baited place mats, or glue traps, that help trap and stop small infestations.

Bug Tech will install the equipment and maintain it for you as well, which means disposal of pests. It’s a one-time cost for the equipment, and combined with our general pest control, our team will maintain all equipment during regularly scheduled visits.

Bug Tech is very particular about the placement of rodent bait. We always ask you to leave it be. Bait can be dangerous, and Bug Tech always takes precautions to make it childproof and pet-proof by using bait boxes that let rodents in and keep little hands and paws out.