Termite Inspection

Termites are a destructive pest, and need to be dealt with as soon as they are detected to minimize damage.

For most other pests, Bug Tech provides free inspections. For termites, we charge for an inspection because it takes time and work to reveal the full scope of a termite infestation. The cost of an inspection will be deducted from the final cost of a treatment should you choose to use Bug Tech.

During an inspection, our team will be looking for the amount of damage, location, size of the colony and effective treatment options. At Bug Tech, we have spot treatments, partial termite treatments, and for comprehensive infestations, whole house treatments.

Termite Treatments

Spot treatment is when our team will treat just the colony of termites, applying chemical treatment to kill on contact and poison the food source. It is our goal to kill the queen, larvae, workers and soldiers. Bug Tech uses the 1# termiticide on the market today, Termidor.

Spot treatment is our most economical treatment, ideal for contained infestations.

Partial treatment is where we treat the colony and a 10 foot perimeter. This perimeter could be flooring or wall cavities where activity is found. At Bug Tech we use a chemical foam from Termidor that expands to cover any gaps and kills termites on contact.

Partial treatment also includes treating the outside perimeter of the home, to prevent future termite entry. This option is great for new home construction, where our goal is to prevent the arrival of termites.Termite Treatments

Whole house treatment includes the outside perimeter, inside perimeter, and the spot where active termites are living. The entire process can take up to a day.

Subterranean termites enter the home from the ground and go up into the foundation, floors and walls of the home. Most houses in Lubbock are built on one wooden slab joint; but if you add an addition, there could be multiple. Bug Tech drills into the slab joints to chemically treat termites eating at the foundation.

For homes that don’t have a crawl space or basement, our team is required to remove carpet, tile, or any other flooring in order to drill and treat into a slab joint.

Termite Repair

A large colony of termites can leave visible and more serious, hidden damage to a home’s foundation, walls, roof and supports. Bug Tech works with our sister company, CT Construction, to repair and remodel buildings following removal of a large termite population.

Painting and sealing exposed outdoor wood can also prevent entry. Gaps between windows and eaves would also be caulked and filled to eliminate a future entry from the outdoors.