Do You Need a WDIR?

Are you buying a home or building for a business? How about selling? Are you concerned that you may have wood destroying insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, wood burrowing beetles, or even carpenter bees?

Bug Tech is a licensed and certified pest control company conducting WDIR’s (Wood Destroying Insect Report) for homeowners and businesses. In a WDIR, Bug Tech is inspecting a building and looking for any evidence of wood destroying insects.

If your home has a crawl space, our technician will climb down and search for any signs of damage. Bug Tech will walk the outside perimeter and search for risks, such as trees hanging over the roofline. We will also check each water point into your home – water points are a major entryway for pests to enter any type of building as they penetrate the building’s foundation.

Our team will also thoroughly inspect the interior and look for any signs of these damaging pests. This can include:

  • Termites – evidence of droppings, presence of mud tubes and tunneling into wood. Wood that appears rotten, but could be affected by termites.
  • Carpenter ants and carpenter bees – wood shavings
  • Wood burrowing beetles and wood roaches – small holes in wood

Bug Tech’s Wood Destroying Insect Report is an affordable option and prevents an unexpected, future infestation.

WDIR vs. a Home Inspection

Most of us know that a home inspection is recommended by real estate agents on both sides, and sometimes required by your mortgage and insurance company.

However, home inspectors are generalists. They are trained to look for the obvious. They will be quick to tell you due to liability, they aren’t qualified to look into potential pest problems or wood integrity. Bug Tech is often referred by other home inspectors in Lubbock for this reason.

A WDIR can be required by lenders, because it is a comprehensive analysis of a costly problem: wood damage from insects. In Texas, Veteran Affairs Loans, Federal Housing Authority Loans and Housing and Urban Development (HUD loans) all require a WDIR.

Even if not required, protect your future home and business from structural damage caused from wood eating insects. Call Bug Tech for a free quote on a WDI Report.