Best Pest Control in Lubbock

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Our goal is to bring excellent customer service and satisfaction to the pest control industry. We aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers by protecting you and your family from unwanted pests.

We have several different service options to fit your needs. We can even customize an individual service plan designed to eliminate your specific pests. Bug Tech is dedicated to protecting you and your family from harmful and destructive pests.

Some of the Pests That We Deal With

fire ants


Ants are one of the most common pests found in and around Lubbock. Once our team determines the species, Bug Tech can target the treatment.

bed bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are less than a half inch long and reddish-brown, with oval, flattened bodies. Bed bugs are active mainly at night and feed on our blood.


Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

Bees, wasps, and hornets have unique characteristics. While they all sting, they require different removal techniques.



Cockroaches quickly become infestations. This pest easily survives in homes and businesses, spreading bacteria and disease.



Fleas rapidly multiply, with one host supporting hundreds of fleas. The easiest symptom to experience is an inching sensation.



Tick larvae, nymphs, and adults all feed on the blood of mammals and humans. As a vector, ticks can pass on disease to their hosts.

kissing bugs

Kissing Bugs

When a Triatomine bug bites a host to feed off blood, a wound larger than a mosquito bite appears. These bites can lead to Chagas disease.


Mice & Rats

Most people consider mice and rats to be unacceptable in their homes. Both rodents can become pests in Lubbock.



Mosquito bites are becoming more feared for Zika, West Nile and other viruses passed on to hosts. Mosquitoes are also a nuisance.



Scorpions make appearances on hot summer nights in Lubbock. 80% of stings (which can be quite painful) are reported from May – August.



Black widows and the brown recluse pose a serious threat to family and pets. Other species are a pest and are common with other infestations.



Bug Tech deploys advanced termicide and targeted control to ensure that a home or business is termite free and stays that way.