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BT Armor protects your home and your family all year long. BT Armor is a customized, recurring pest management service, exclusively provided by Bug Tech to provide consistent protection against indoor and outdoor pests and save you money.

Recurring pest management is crucial to remove persistent pests and ensure new ones don’t take their place. See the advantages Bug Tech offers with our exclusive BT Armor Service: 

  •  Saves You Time & Money
  •  Saves Your Health
  •  Saves Your Home
  •  Saves Your Sanity

Pest Control Coupons & Discounts

Take advantage of these special offers on Bug Tech’s general pest control services. Free estimates, which include onsite inspections to locating an entry point are included. The only exception is for termites and bed bugs, where Bug Tech provides free estimates, but charges for comprehensive inspections. However, if you choose to use our team, we will reimburse for the cost of the termite/bed bug inspection.
Our free eaves treatment is complimentary, conducted outside your home during regular treatments and prevents nesting and easy entry.

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Rodent Services

Take advantage of our free estimates on rodent services and receive same day support on every day except Sunday for any of our services.

10% Off General Pest Control Treatment

Regarded members of the community, take advantage of a 10% off general pest control treatment.

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