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German Cockroach Problem

One of the most common types of reproach we see in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle is the German Cockroach. The German Cockroach thrives in filth, but even the cleanest bathrooms and kitchens can fall prey to these pests. Once a German Cockroach population takes hold in your home, they reproduce rapidly and can be very challenging to control. If you suspect a German Cockroach problem in your home or office, you’d better call Bug Tech.

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Cockroach Investation in Lubbock and Amarillo TX

Lubbock, like other cities in Texas, is always at risk of a roach invasion. Easily the most feared of all pests, Texas has the unfortunate title of having more cockroaches than any other state. The roaches here aren’t the biggest, but our hot weather, mild winters, and urban population breeds roaches that can average 2 inches in size.

Cockroaches in West Texas are smaller than those in Houston and Dallas, due to our dry, non-humid climate. However, the brown-banded, American, Oriental, and German roaches are several species in the area that can quickly infest a homes, apartments, offices, hotels, and restaurants. Whether you live in student dorms at Texas Tech or own a multi-story mansion, cockroaches can affect anyone.

Some locals will refer to cockroaches as water bugs, but that’s actually something different. Cockroaches are categorized as non-aggressive insects, whereas water bugs deliver a painful bite when threatened. Water bugs are aquatic and can become pests for boat docks, porch decks, and homes near large bodies of water.

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Identifying a Roach Problem

Most homeowners and businesses call pest control after spotting a single roach. There’s a good reason for that approach. Roach infestations can happen overnight. Seeing a nymph, feces, egg casing or all three is an indicator of a larger population. It can be difficult to discover an infestation, as roaches are nocturnal and prefer dark corners and crevices. They are especially attracted to darkness, moisture and heat – behind buzzing refrigerators, stoves, sinks, wallpaper, in motors and more.

Contact Bug Tech at the first sight and if possible, capture a live roach. The German cockroach is the most difficult species to exterminate, and Bug Tech offers specialized treatment for German roaches.

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Roach Prevention and Treatment

Roaches are feared for their ability to survive almost anything, including large amounts of radiation. Chemicals in consumer available foggers and sprays aren’t as effective on roaches and infestations require the assistance of a certified pest control company.

At Bug Tech, most roach species are handled by our general pest control service. This prevents entry from outdoors into a home or other building. Our customers routinely find dead roaches outside on sidewalks and pavement after treatment.

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Behavior & Risks

Most of us know cockroaches are repulsive. They live in our sewers, in our trash and commonly invade the bathroom and kitchen, where they have an easy meal. Meals are easy to come by for the roach. They eat food leftovers, paper, glue, excrement, dead skin, and even other roaches. They can survive without food for a month.

With a natural lifespan of more than a year, cockroaches are social insects and reproduce quickly. Female German roaches lay up to 50 eggs at a time. Left untreated, this pest can easily infest an entire building. They are highly adaptable and can quickly move to a couch, cabinet, TV, or even next door. Their speed and versatility of movement aids them. Cockroaches can swim, fly, and jump.

Cockroaches are capable of biting, but rarely do. Roaches are harmful to humans and pets because they pick up bacteria and disease through the food they eat, which survives in their digestive tract. Roaches carry hundreds of diseases, including salmonella, polio virus, typhoid, yellow fever, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Cockroaches can also trigger allergies and cause chronic asthma in children.

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