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About Pest & Nuisance Birds

While some birds are enjoyable and beneficial, other birds can be not only a nuisance but detrimental to homes and businesses. The most common nuisance birds are grackles, starlings, and pigeons.  Not only do they cause damage to buildings, signs, and porches, but they can be a health hazard to humans.


Like a scene from Hitchcock’s notorious movie, a large flock of roosting grackles can appear ominous. Grackles are in the same family as the blackbird and are notorious for being loud and boisterous. As scavengers, grackles travel in large numbers and will descend en masse when they find dumpsters and garbage cans. 

Grackles become a nuisance, especially for businesses when their noisy presence begins to deter customers. Further, their droppings are unsanitary for humans and can damage structures.


Starlings are highly social birds and are considered an invasive bird species. They are aggressive and will take over the habitats of native songbirds, pushing them out or even killing them. Their enormous flocks are known to damage objects and surfaces with their corrosive droppings.

While Starlings are known for their beauty, having iridescent or sparkling feathers, they are noisy. The male starling’s mating call can sound like squawking, chortling, and trilling. Their calls have even been likened to hammering nails into a board!


The number one worst pest is the feral pigeon. Pigeons are commonly found near parks city buildings and bridges that provide spots for nesting and roosting. Their nests can be fire hazards or clog drain pipes. The number pigeon issue is their droppings which can be hazardous when allowed to accumulate.

Large amounts of pigeon droppings not kill vegetation, but can also cause diseases that affect the human respiratory system. Common around airports, pigeons have been knowing to collide with aircraft,  causing human fatalities.

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Bird Control

While some birds are enjoyable and beneficial, other birds can be not only a nuisance but detrimental to homes and businesses. If you have a nuisance bird issue, Bug Tech will perform an on-site inspection to determine the best methods to treat and manage your bird issue. Certain bird species and bird pressure levels will require different control methods. Bug Tech uses a variety of methods to effectively deter and remove nuisance birds from your property. 

Bird Exclusion

If the birds have nested, we recommend using a bird exclusion method. Bird exclusion methods use a physical barrier to prevent birds from roosting and nesting around your building or home.

Bird Exclusion Options Include:

  • Galvanized Steel Screening
  • Exclusion Sealant
  • Bird Netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire

Flock Off Bird Control

Bug Tech installs The Flock Off System, a revolutionary, high-tech, and humane solution to stop birds from landing on structures immediately and permanently. Flock Off can help eliminate the costs, risks, health hazards, and damage caused by birds, once and for all. 
Flock Off creates an Electromagnetic “force field” around any structure that causes birds to find it impossible to land simply. Safe and invisible to humans, this system effectively keeps birds and the messes they leave behind away.

Bird Deterrent Sound Systems

Bug Tech’s bird deterrent sound systems use distress and predator calls to scare birds and humanely deter them from your property.


Avitrol Treatments 

Avitrol is used as a chemical frightening agent to remove pest birds from a given location. Avitrol is applied as a chemically treated grain bait. Birds eating the treated bait will emit distress signals that will frighten the flock and cause it to leave the site. This humane treatment results in little to no mortality for the animals and does not have secondary poisonings, so it safe for all wildlife.

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