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About Termites in Lubbock, Amarillo and West Texas

Termites are common pests in the United States and can be found throughout Lubbock and the surrounding areas of West Texas. Though often referred to as white ants, termites are actually related to cockroaches. Like cockroaches, termites are destructive pests and highly adaptable. Outside our homes, termites play a role in the ecosystem. Living in wooded areas, they feast on organic materials like tree stumps helping the decaying process. But when they venture into our homes, serious issues can arise. Attracted to light, termites can enter through cracks in the floor/walls from an existing mound. Once there, they can pose serious issues to a building's integrity and cause extensive structural damage. 

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Termite Behavior

Termites are social insects, similar to bees in that they have a queen, workers, and soldiers living in a vast and elaborate mound. These mounds can support up to a million termites if left untreated. Depending on the life cycle of the termite, the size, color, and behavior can differ greatly. 


  • Most species of worker termites have soft, white bodies less than an inch long. Workers are eating, building up the mound, and causing damage to wood from the inside. 
  • Soldiers have large dark bodies, no wings, and massive mandibles or pincers to protect the colony.
  • On the other hand, swarmers are future queens in search of a new colony. Swarmers are often black and winged but are commonly mistaken for carpenter ants.
termite swarm

Identifying a Termite Problem

Unfortunately, most home and property owners don’t find a termite infestation until too late. Seeing swarmers in the home, spotting fecal pellets, or experiencing wood that appears rotten from the inside out are all signs of a pest problem.

Termites can affect a variety of structures: outdoor gazebos, wood piles, wooden decks, old sheds, and more destructive, building foundations, siding, and roof shingles. Where the pest infestation is located is a large factor in treatment and cost.

Preventative Measures & Treatments

Antique and used wood furniture can bring termites into the home, although most infestations are caused by an existing colony in the neighborhood.

If an infestation is limited to a piece of furniture, deck, or outdoor structure, the easiest and cheapest DIY solution is removal. However, severe termite infestations where mounds exist under a home’s foundation or throughout the roof, siding, walls, and flooring require an experienced pest professional.

Always get a WDIR (wood-destroying insect report) before buying a home. Old homes and properties near wooded areas are most at risk, although any home could support a termite colony, even those treated with wood preservatives.

Bug Tech’s licensed team of technicians are experienced in individual and commercial property infestations of termites. Learn more about our targeted termite treatment, thorough inspection, and WDIRs.

termites on wood

Termite Risks

Termites aren’t vectors and don’t bite or sting. Instead, termites pose a significant threat to our homes by consuming wood, leading to potential structural damage and costly repairs. Although wood is preferred, termite damage can extend to almost any material including carpets and electrical wiring. They are even known to short-circuit and cause house fires!

Lubbock has two common species of termites that easily survive in our hot, dry climate. Drywood termites are adapted to our homes and ample supply of food.

On the other hand, Subterranean termites also live in West Texas, but they burrow in moist soil. Vast mud tubes and mounds extend from the soil into the home where they are likely to feed near the ground.

As a pest control company local to West Texas, we can help identify the different types of termite species living in our area and curate the most effective treatment options for your termite needs.

Bug Tech: Your Trusted Termite Exterminator

At Bug Tech, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in integrated pest management, offering a comprehensive pest control treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is at the core of everything we do, ensuring that every interaction with us is smooth, informative, and effective. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your termite problem is handled by experts. 

Additionally, our annual inspection service is designed to catch any new termite activity early, preventing future infestations and maintaining the integrity of your property. With our quick response time, you can trust that Bug Tech is always ready to address your termite concerns promptly and effectively, keeping your home or business safe and termite-free.


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