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Choosing to do business with a local company like Bug Tech offers you several advantages:
  1. Community Support: When you support local businesses, you contribute to the local economy and help sustain jobs and livelihoods within your own community.
  2. Personalized Service: Local companies often provide more personalized service because they understand the unique needs and challenges of the local area, such as the specific pest issues in Lubbock and Amarillo
  3. Quick Response Times: Being headquartered locally means Bug Tech can respond more quickly to your pest management needs compared to larger, national corporations.
  4. Accountability and Trust: Local businesses rely on their reputation within the community, which means they are more likely to prioritize your satisfaction and uphold high standards of service quality.
  5. Supporting Local Economy and Sustainability: Choosing Bug Tech supports the local economy by keeping revenue circulating within the area and promoting sustainability through smaller environmental footprints.
  6. Knowledge and Expertise: Bug Tech has extensive knowledge and expertise specific to the region they serve, including understanding the local ecosystem, climate, and pest patterns, ensuring you receive informed and effective pest management solutions. Our technicians are not only licensed for structural pest control with the Texas Department of Agriculture but are active members of the National Pest Management Association and the Texas Pest Control Association.

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Pest Management Vs. Exterminator

There will always be ants; there will always be roaches; there will always be spiders, and there will always be pests. Whether it’s seasonal or predictable, it’s inevitable. The very meaning of extermination means there is no more. Pest extermination isn’t possible or realistic. Instead, Bug Tech controls pests through integrated pest management.

Integrated Pest Management

Choose Bug Tech for our people, customer satisfaction, and integrated pest management (IPM) approach. IPM is environmentally sensitive and seeks to limit costs and hazards associated with extermination through alternative methods.

Our team performs a free inspection and analysis of the pests affecting your home, backyard, and neighborhood. Only after a thorough inspection, do we assign personalized treatment, which includes biological, cultural, mechanical, and chemical applications. Below are some examples of each in action.

technician spraying pesticide in kitchen


A homeowner routinely has issues with mosquitoes in the spring. Our specialists deeply understand the mosquito maturation process and recommend adding coy fish to a nearby pond, which will eat the larvae. We also add bacteria to the swimming pool that is eaten and harmful to mosquito larvae, but not to humans.

The result is an elimination of the swarms that arrive in warmer weather, solved by a biological understanding of the pest.


If you are facing a roach infestation, we need to look at a cultural solution. Removing trash and food immediately after a meal, decluttering the home to prevent hiding areas and more is necessary to solve a roach problem long term.


Adding sticky traps to high traffic areas, filling gaps in the eaves and under doors with wire mesh and door swings are mechanical solutions to pest control, common for rodents. Mechanical solutions prevent pest entry and help with containment until a full elimination.


Chemical treatments are ongoing and conducted during routine checkups. Our team sprays outside the home and inside only when necessary.

The pesticides we use at Bug Tech cannot be purchased at your local hardware store. We avoid toxic chemicals and are careful to protect your home, without harming your pets or family.

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Your recommended plan may involve one or a combination of pest management solutions. However, each works together to identify, solve and over time eliminate your problem long term. Start with our free inspection to get a better understanding of our approach.

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Michael Askew

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Brent Nelson

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Adam Guerra

Licensed Technician
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Mark Wilson

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Join the Bug Tech crew and get ongoing training while making our community a safer, healthier place to live.

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