Picture this: You’re rushing out of your home to make it to work in the morning. You whiz through the kitchen to grab a quick bite, maybe a coffee for your drive to work or school. And there it is: an unsightly bug crawling across your kitchen floor. A one-time pest control treatment may stop them for a while, but there are many benefits of recurring pest control to keep your home pest-free.

Some bugs are simply a nuisance, like roaches, ants, and spiders, but others are potentially destructive like termites. Sure, you can DIY it– but most of us don’t have the products, equipment, and knowledge to do a thorough and lasting job controlling pests.

A licensed, professional pest control company like Bug Tech knows how to minimize risks associated with using pest control chemicals. Bug Tech technicians are trained to select the safest products possible and apply correctly and in the proper amounts, eradicating pests, but keeping your family and pets safe.

One time pest control treatment is often not enough to gain long term and consistent results. With Bug Tech’s recurring general pest control, our trained technicians understand where to treat and how to handle infestations safely and accurately. Monthly or quarterly treatment plans will ensure your home remains pest-free all year long.

Lubbock and Amarillo area residents face all kinds of unwelcome pests ready to invade their homes and businesses. A few examples include:

  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Stink Bugs
  • Beatles
  • Fleas/Ticks
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Kissing Bugs
  • Crickets


The process starts with a free inspection that includes a thorough investigation of your property. A licensed pest professional will visit your home or business to evaluate your situation and provide you with a personalized plan and cost estimate.

Be prepared to answer a few questions. Your pest professional will ask you questions, such as:

  • What type of pests are you seeing?
  • What seasons and time of day are you seeing pests?
  • Is there a specific part of the home or property were they are prevalent?
  • Have you tried any other professional or DIY solutions? What was the outcome?
  • Do you have young children or pets?

Regular, proactive pest treatment by a professional is not only targeted to your current problem, that bug you saw in your kitchen, but also can manage a number of other unwelcome insects. The professionals at Bug Tech can also provide comprehensive treatment for your property, to stop pests before they get inside your home. Monthly and quarterly pest treatments include the following areas:

  • Treatment of entry ways, water points, cracks, and crevices
  • Placement of glue boards (as needed)
  • Removal of spider webs and insect carcasses
  • Outside perimeter treatment on home foundations – 2 feet up and 4 feet out
  • Treatment of front yard, back yard, and alleyways/driveways
  • Treatment of power outlets

Your home is your haven. Protect yourself and your family from a pest invasion with comprehensive and affordable recurring pest control has many benefits.

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