Who to Call for Opossum Removal

Who to call for opossum removal?

Opossums are plentiful in Texas. Originally from wooded areas, these shy, nocturnal creatures are now a common sight in Lubbock and across the Texas South Plains and High Plains. While opossums are beneficial animals that help control populations of rodents, ticks, and insects, they themselves are pests. Opossums not only cause property damage for homeowners,…

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Who to Call for Squirrel Removal?

Who you gonna call for squirrel removal - Bug Tech

It’s common to see squirrels roaming around in yards or climbing trees. However, many consider them pests since they can wreak havoc on plants and trees. Further, they can find ways to enter your home, consume food and cause damage to your property.  You can rely on Bug Tech specialists to provide reliable wildlife removal…

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