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Health Effects of Poor Restaurant Pest Control

Health Effects of Poor Restaurant Pest Control

Poor restaurant pest control can have major effects on both customers and staff. Unwanted pests can contaminate food and surfaces they come into contact with. This contamination can even lead to illnesses with symptoms ranging from mild to severe, including allergic reactions and breathing problems. Beyond the immediate health risks, a pest infestation can ruin a restaurant's reputation and lead to loss of customers and revenue. Don’t take the risk. Prioritize effective pest management to maintain your restaurant's cleanliness and reputation.

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Common Pests Found in Restaurants 

The food service industry faces a range of pesky pests on a regular basis. Common pests in West Texas restaurants include:

Common Pests Found in Restaurants

What Attracts Pests in Restaurants?

Food Waste icon

Food Waste:

Pests are drawn to organic matter that is not in airtight containers, such as spilled crumbs, uncovered food, and improperly stored pantry items. Any food residue left on surfaces or in trash cans can attract pests like fruit flies, ants, and rodents.

Warmth icon


Many pests thrive in warm environments, making storage areas in a food service facility ideal habitats. These areas provide consistent warmth and access to food, water, and shelter, especially during cold winter months. Rodent and cockroach infestations are common in these warm environments.

Clutter and Hiding Places icon

Clutter and Hiding Places: 

Pests often seek shelter in areas where regular cleaning may be forgotten, such as stacks of cardboard boxes, garbage cans, and neglected corners. These hiding places protect pests and make it difficult for pest control efforts to reach them.

Moisture icon


Damp and moist environments, such as leaky faucets, standing water, and grease buildup, create ideal breeding grounds for pests like drain flies, cockroaches, and rodents. These pests seek out water sources for survival and reproduction.

Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Bug Tech is here to service the inside and outside of your restaurant. We focus on the hot spots of pest activity and ensure that entry points are pest-free.

Here Are Some Ways to Prioritize Interior Pest Control

Dining Areas:

After guests are finished, tables must be wiped, and floors swept to prevent crumbs and food waste from collecting on the floor.

Food Prep Areas:

Equipment in kitchens should be wiped down and sanitized after use.

Storage Areas:

Food should be stored in airtight containers to prevent pests from accessing them.

Trash Cans:

Regular disposal, keeping lids tightly closed, and cleaning food residue, are essential not to attract pests.

Floor Drains:

Floor drains are optimal breeding grounds for pests, so keeping them cleaned and treated properly is important.

Here Are Some Ways to Prioritize Exterior Pest Control


Many insects are attracted to light, causing them to swarm around outdoor fixtures. Regularly cleaning lights and using a minimal amount of strong lighting by the entrances of the establishment will ensure a safe outdoor environment for your customers.

Waste Bins and Dumpsters:

Like indoor trash cans, outside dumpsters are also subject to many pests and rodents. It is important to have trash frequently emptied. The interior and exterior of the dumpster should also be frequently cleaned and treated using our pest control services.

Entrances and Exits:

Entry points into your establishment must be properly maintained to keep pests from entering. Doors and windows should be closed whenever possible. Sealing gaps, using a door sweep, and regular professional cleaning is beneficial for a pest-free environment.

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Bug Tech: Trusted Restaurant Pest Control Company in Lubbock, Texas

We take preventative measures to keep your Lubbock restaurant pest-free. Our team of local experts implements this proactive approach, including regular inspections to address potential pest entry points and breeding grounds to help safeguard your establishment.

Bug Tech is the trusted choice for local commercial pest control in West Texas. Our experienced team specializes in pest prevention and treatment in this area, ensuring effective protection without compromising food safety regulations. Trust Bug Tech to keep your establishment a pest-free environment so you can focus on what matters: your team, your customers, and your restaurant’s dining experience.

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Judy KellyJudy Kelly
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Adam Guerra was the Bug Tech technician that serviced my home. He was very informative and professional. I will definitely be requesting Adam as the technician when I request service from your company again.
Jill LangfordJill Langford
19:39 28 Apr 23
Michael Askew! What a great guy! He was so personable and knowledgeable too.He explained what he could do for my roach problem and got the job done pronto!Thank you to a local company that hires really good people. I trust them!
Madhu GandhiMadhu Gandhi
23:16 28 Mar 23
I used them for carpet cleaning and they did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend them. Bryan and team was very professional and great.
T ToddT Todd
22:38 19 Feb 23
Bug Tech is the complete customer service experience you no longer expect from a business.The Office Staff, first point of contact, is quick, courteous and polite.Adam, THE Bug Technician is FANtastic. Listening is a fine art and Adam excels.He explains the "why" in simply to understand terms, then what can be done about it, and how long it will take to get it done.Bug Tech service plans are a purchase worthwhile.Thank you,No Bug Home.
Carl TierneyCarl Tierney
20:34 10 Feb 23
Bug Tech and specifically the Tech (Adam), have been amazing and very professional. They are very very well trained and very helpful. They have been able to answer all my questions about the our problem, their techniques and chemicals they use. I would recommend Bug Tech to anyone serious about pest control.

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