Podcast Episode: Common Pet Pests and How to Protect Your Furry Friends

Does it Bite? — Episode 29

Episode Focus: Safeguarding Your Pets from Common Pests

Join Stephanie and Michael in this enlightening episode of "Does It Bite?" as we explore common pests that can affect our pets, including fleas, ticks, and more unusual suspects like cockroaches and fire ants. Discover the risks these pests pose and learn effective strategies to keep your pets safe and healthy.

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Quick Recap:

Fleas and Ticks: Tiny Predators

Uncover the dangers of fleas and ticks, not just as irritants but as serious health threats to your pets. These pests are vectors for diseases that can affect both animals and humans, like Lyme disease and the potentially lethal tick-borne allergy to meat.

And, explore how increasing wildlife in urban areas contributes to the rise in flea and tick populations. Hear about real cases where unexpected wildlife, such as foxes, bring these pests closer to home and consequently to our pets.

Beyond the Itch: Real Dangers

Learn about the significant health risks posed by fleas and ticks, from transmitting parasites to causing severe allergic reactions. Discover why professional pest control is crucial not just for comfort but for health.

Cockroaches and Pets

Discuss the lesser-known danger of cockroaches to pets. When pets consume these ubiquitous pests, they can ingest harmful parasites that cockroaches carry, posing an indirect but serious health threat.

Fire Ants: A Fiery Hazard

Get insights into the dangers posed by fire ants, particularly in southern regions. Understand how their painful bites can be more than just a nuisance but a potentially lethal threat to pets, especially those with allergies.

Preventative Measures and Professional Help

Hear expert advice on preventing pest infestations, including regular pet treatments and environmental management like maintaining yard hygiene to reduce pest habitats.

By the end of this episode, pet owners will be well-equipped with the knowledge to identify risks and implement strategies to protect their beloved animals from common pests.

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