Podcast Episode: Fruit Flies vs Drain Flies

Does it Bite? — Episode 26

Episode Focus: Fruit Flies vs Drain Flies

Join our hosts, Stephanie Fox and Michael Askew, as they discuss fruit and drain flies. In this episode of "Does It Bite?", learn about how these pesky insects come into your home and how to control them.

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Quick Recap:

What are Fruit and Drain flies?

Fruit flies and drain flies are tiny flying insects brought in on fruit or, in the case of drain flies, drains clogged with organic matter.

Fruit Fly and Drain Fly Biology and Behavior:

Get ready to get grossed out - Fruit flies are living in your fruit bowl, while drain flies use moist soil of potted plants or the organic material in your kitchen sink drain for breeding grounds.

Fruit Fly and Drain Fly Infestations and Signs:

Understanding behavior is key to early detection. This episode sheds light on identifying fruit and drain flies, early detection, and the visual differences between them.

  • Fruit flies are tiny insects often characterized by their bright red eyes and tan or yellowish body. Adult flies are typically around 3mm long and can be seen hovering around overripe fruit, which is a common sight in fruit bowls.
  • Drain flies, also known as moth flies, have a distinctive moth-like appearance with small, rounded wings and hairy bodies. They are usually about the same size as fruit flies but are darker in color, ranging from grey to black, and can often be found near sinks, drain pipes, garbage cans, and other moist areas where organic material accumulates.

Preventing Fruit Fly and Drain Fly Infestations:

Find out about the importance of regular cleaning to remove food sources that attract these pests. Simple steps like disposing of garbage properly and addressing stagnant water can provide temporary relief.

Effective Fruit Fly and Drain Fly Control Methods:

Explore basic treatment options, such as traps made with apple cider vinegar and dish soap, or more thorough methods, like cleaning out drain traps to remove breeding sites.

Professional Insights on Fruit Fly and Drain Fly Management:

Gain valuable insights from pest control experts on how to handle fruit fly and drain fly infestations effectively, from identification to eradication and prevention.

For More Information:

Watch the podcast or visit our Professional Pest Management page to learn more about dealing with these pesky flies.