Podcast Episode: Swarmers: Understanding and Controlling Winged Termites

Does it Bite? — Episode 25

Episode Focus: Termites With Wings

Join our hosts, Stephanie Fox and Michael Askew, as they explore the intriguing world of termites, particularly swarmers – winged termites that signal a mature colony. In this episode of "Does It Bite?", learn about these insects and the effective strategies for controlling their spread.

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Quick Recap:

What are Swarmers?

Swarmers, or winged termites, are indicators of a mature termite colony. These termites play a crucial role in establishing new colonies and are often mistaken for flying ants.

Termite Biology and Behavior:

Discover how swarmers are a sign of a well-established termite colony ready to expand. Learn about their life cycle, how they develop wings, and their role in colony propagation.

Termite Infestations and Signs:

Understanding termite behavior is key to early detection. This episode sheds light on identifying termite damage, the difficulty in early detection, and the visual differences between termites and flying ants.

Preventing Termite Intrusion:

Learn about the conducive conditions that attract termites and the importance of addressing them. Simple steps like removing wood-to-ground contact can make a big difference.

Effective Termite Control Methods:

Explore various termite treatment options, including spot and whole-home treatments. Find out how non-detectable chemical barriers work to eradicate colonies.

Professional Insights on Termite Management:

Gain valuable insights from pest control experts on how to handle termite infestations effectively, from identification to eradication and prevention.

For More Information:

To learn more about dealing with termites and the fascinating world of swarmers, watch the podcast or visit our Professional Termite Management page.