Why should I have pest control service?

  • Our priority is to protect your health and property. Although some insects may be beneficial to the environment, many insects and rodents are known to spread disease or cause costly damage to your home or business. Our pest professionals are licensed and well educated. We employ the best methods of pest management to protect you and your family.

 Are the materials used by Bug Tech Pest Control safe?

  • All pesticides are toxic. Most chemicals used by Bug Tech are of low toxicity and carry a “CAUTION” label, as opposed to “WARNING” or “DANGER” which signifies a more dangerous pesticide.
  • All pesticides used by Bug Tech are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our technicians are licensed and go through ongoing training to handle them for human and environmental safety.

“Do the materials you use have an odor?”

  • All of the materials we use are low or no-odor.

“What do I need to do prior to service?”

  • Please make sure the floor is clear of all toys for children or pets. Please make sure the yard is free of toys also.

“Do I have to sign a “long term” contract?”

  • No. We offer several custom plans to meet your needs.

 What Steps Should I Take To Ensure The Best Results?

There are many things you can do to help prevent and eliminate in and around the home. Here area few:


  • Repair leaky roofs, faucets, pipes and appliances.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Direct water away from the house.
  • Eliminate standing water and water in outdoor containers.
  • Ensure that crawlspaces have vents and a vapor barrier.


  • Seal foundation cracks and gaps where utility lines enter.
  • Keep doors, windows and vents screened and well sealed.
  • Keep exterior wood painted, stained or sealed.
  • Before bringing in new items, inspect them for pests.


  • Keep trash containers clean and tightly sealed.
  • Keep foods in sealed containers.
  • Do not leave dog food, cat food or birdseed out for long periods of time.
  • Remove clutter and trash from in and around your home or business.
  • Vacuum regularly.


Mechanical Control

  • Use snap traps for mice and rats.
  • Use light traps indoors for flies.