Mosquitos Are Coming! Here’s How To Stop Them

Brace yourselves — mosquitos are coming! Mosquitos are a nuisance with which all of us are far too familiar. While their constant, annoying pestering is often enough to take action, the presence of mosquitos can sometimes lead to more serious problems if not addressed. This year, as the weather begins to warm up and the bugs start biting, make the decision to bite back!


Wet weather and properties with swimming pools, sprinkler systems, lakes or ponds are most at risk of playing host to mosquito breeding. Mosquitos thrive in these conditions, especially at either dusk or dawn, when mosquito activity is already highest. Hatching season typically takes place in the spring and summer when children spend a lot of time outdoors, making them more susceptible to bites and the harm that they can cause.

In West Texas, our proximity to Central and South America makes our mosquitoes more likely to carry disease. Diseases such as West Nile, Zika, and St. Louis Encephalitis have been detected in Lubbock mosquitos in the past, and while they aren’t common, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Bug sprays are great for keeping mosquitos at bay, but no spray is 100% effective when it comes to stopping and controlling mosquito population growth. Professional mosquito control, however, can do everything that bug sprays can’t.

Mosquitos thrive in wet conditions, and it doesn’t take much for mosquito eggs and larvae to begin to develop. In fact, about a half an inch of water is about all it takes! In an attempt to attack the problem where it started, Bug Tech will begin by identifying any areas on your property where standing water is present. If it’s clear that the issue has already gone too far, then treatment can begin.

Our treatment involves applying a safe, environmentally-friendly chemical residue to every surface where a mosquito may land on every part of your front, back, and side lawns, no matter how big they may be. As an extra measure, Bug Tech also uses truck-mounted mosquito foggers to make sure that all bases are covered, and that all mosquitos are dealt with appropriately. For proper mosquito management, Bug Tech recommends reapplying this treatment once every month.

This year, don’t let the mosquitos call the shots. Click here to schedule service and click the button below to learn more about mosquitos and how you can better prepare for their arrival!