Most Common Pests You Can Expect To Find In A West Texas Home

If you live in West Texas, it’s possible that your home plays host to more guests than you may realize! The outdoors are teeming with tons of critters, and we’ve seen just about everything. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the pests that you can expect to see in and around your home if you live in this area.


Did you know that Texas is home to more cockroaches than any other state? With a title like that, it’s only natural that some of the billions of roaches throughout the state would find their way into your personal space. They can survive on next to no food and can find their way into homes via garbage, pets, and more. In addition to just being generally repulsive, roaches are also capable of carrying diseases, some of which can include salmonella, typhoid, and staphylococcus, among others!


For you arachnophobes out there, spiders are pests that probably need no further introduction! For everyone else, it’s important to be aware of the different dangerous spiders that could potentially be present throughout your home. While most spiders don’t pose any serious threat, the brown recluse and black widow families (both of which are found in West Texas) deliver a bite that can be life-threatening for both humans and pets, making it absolutely essential to treat them with caution.


At a distance, ants are typically harmless pests that most West Texas residents are probably used to. Put them inside a home, however, and now you have a problem! While Lubbock is home to a wide variety of ant species, pharaoh ants, Argentine ants, and red imported fire ants are by far the most common. Ants can form colonies almost anywhere (both indoors and outdoors) and are active during both day and night, most commonly in very wet or very dry conditions. While most ants don’t carry diseases, they can sting!


While they may come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, fleas and ticks are both parasites that can cause a variety of potentially dangerous problems for humans, pets, birds, and even reptiles and amphibians. Their tendency to carry Lyme disease, tularemia, tapeworms and more makes them a pest whose presence should not be taken lightly!


Also known as the Mexican Bed Bug or Triatomine bug, Kissing Bugs are typically found nesting in firewood piles and can enter homes via open windows, doors, mesh screens, clothing, and pets. Much like fleas, ticks, and roaches, these bugs are vectors, meaning that they carry diseases that can be harmful to any humans or pets that they come in contact with. One of these is Chagas, a disease that mimics other common illnesses while having effects that are far direr!

Whether it’s one of these or one of the many other pests that you may find in and around your West Texas home, Bug Tech is experienced in pest control for pests of all kinds. What kind of pests are you seeing? Click below to let us know how we can help!

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